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Welcome to 2022!

We had to do it! We didn't want to do it! But we had to do it!
It's no secret that inflation is with us. This includes the materials needed to make soap. Sodium Hydroxide (lye), which is necessary to turn the oils into a solid, has almost doubled in price and is harder to obtain. Other oils we use, coconut and sustainable palm oils, have also almost doubled in price. Most other ingredients used in making our bars have also increased in price. 
So we do apologize, but we have to raise the prices. We hope that you understand and will continue buying, gifting and using our quality products.

Our soaps are designed for more than just cleansing bodies; essential oils provide an aroma therapeutic experience - cleansing the mind as well as the body.

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Our sense of smell is closely linked to the receptors in the brain which regulate bodily functions.

Of our five senses, "smell" is the one which has the closest link to our emotions. We kept this in mind when we designed our soaps.